Tim Huenke of Superior working on a Gibson ES 295Located outside of Philadelphia, Pa., (Fort Washington, Pa.) Superior Guitar Works vintage guitar repair and vintage guitar restoration studio opened in 1992. From its small discreet facility, owner, artisan, craftsman and master luthier, Tim Huenke, and his apprentices restore, refinish, and repair some of the finest vintage fretted instruments and vintage guitars in the world. Tim’s co-owner and wife Cindy, runs the administrative and day to day part of the business. Known for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, use of quality components, and extreme patience, Tim and his intern staff receive instruments from all over the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada, Australia, and Africa. We receive instruments from: Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Hollywood, Venice, Memphis, Key West, Berlin, Boston, Seattle, Houston, Las Vegas, Istanbul, Madrid, Washington, D.C., Santiago, San Salvador, Belgrade, Phoenix, Miami, Lima, Hamburg, Montreal, Cairo, Luxembourg, Fort Lauderdale, Johannesburg and others.

Tim Huenke began his lifelong study of fretted instruments at age fourteen. Mentored in part by his father and grandfather, who were both master craftsman, Tim took his love of guitars and music and combined it with the skills he learned in his father’s woodworking shop.  Over the years, Tim has restored to museum quality some of the finest and rare vintage guitars in the world. Each repaired and restored fretted instrument becomes its own work of art. Many of the tools housed in the Superior Guitar Works studio no longer made, antique, or were custom built by Tim Huenke. Over the years Tim has worked on just about every manufacture of fretted instrument.

Tim is a member of the Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (ASIA) and spoke at 2012 ASIA Conference on vintage guitar restoration. Tim has spoke at several vintage guitar restoration and repair conferences including the C.F.Martin Annual Repair Conference. One of Tim’s custom build works is on permanent display at the C.F. Martin Museum. Over the years, Tim’s work has been featured in the Fret Board Journal, ABC News, and a variety of local, national, and international publications.