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30 Dec 2020

It is not an ingredient in other orange olive oil cakes, so I wondered about it, but it is a nice touch. I tried making this cake three times this week. Beth. This cookbook is one of the best I’ve bought recently. I also didn’t seem to have the sinking orange pieces problem others did; perhaps it’s because I used full-fat yogurt rather than buttermilk and thus had a slightly dryer batter? Please help! Soy yogurt is not as delicious to eat straight (as cow yogurt is), but in baking it is ok. Just found your website from Rachael Ray’s magazine. This looks like the same idea but with baking soda and baking powder taking over the gelatin packet’s job. Wow! Hi Deb, there is a recipe for a fantastic Sephardic Passover cake – orange and almond cake that uses no dairy products by Batia Slater here: i never know what to do with that! And I’ll be adding this one to the recipe book. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt. I like Colavita because it’s mild and not expensive. Ok, I made this over the weekend. Deb, I have been looking for something to do with blood oranges, since my mother (who lives in Miami) loves them so much. I was so disappointed as I have read all the reviews and everyone loved it. Feb 1, 2018 – Orange zest adds the perfume of citrus, and sweet-tart candied blood oranges make a dramatic finishing touch to this pretty blood orange cake. i have a dairy-allergic kid, but i saw some substitutions in the comments so i’ll try those. (coming from someone who is not the biggest fan of cake (unless it involves cheese :))). Do you think leftovers will freeze well? Given my bumbling, it’s apparently foolproof. It doesn’t seem like the cake would miss the protein / gluten from the flour…. I really didn’t like supreming the oranges but well worth the effort!! I love anything with citrus! I blogged about it here: So delicious! Perfect addition. I have trouble finding them in my local grocery store sometimes though, but when I do find them I’m so happy! Loved it. Really. The recipe said let it sit 5 minutes then flip and transfer…well I did this, and the cake was too hot still and too heavy and it damaged the sides of the cake…other than that..the cake was delicious, and the fruit compote is a must I think. loading... X. The olive oil gave it such a unique texture and taste. Folks who want to make this without dairy — Soymilk, soy yogurt, apple sauce are coming to mind. Looking forward to the next one I guess. Grease a 9-by-5-inch loaf pan. It is rather tedious to make the oranges “supreme” but the time is worth it. Perfect dessert to have with tea! Needed a quick celebration cake that I wanted to keep on the less total sugar bomb side, and this cake chose me and it was what I wanted before I even knew I needed it. Works with blood orange, grapefruit, or just some berries. I know he loves anything with olive oil in it. I’ve made this half a dozen times now, and it’s become a staple recipe when blood oranges are available. I left out the orange chunks in the batter, and I brushed it with an orange syrup out of the oven. Thank you, Deb! I may have to add chocolate chips next time. Serve with whipped cream and honey-blood orange compote (below), if desired. With awesome flavors. Smells so good! 1 3/4 cups (219 grams or 7 3/4 ounces) all-purpose flour This blood orange cake sounds bright and delicious. I’m saving it for pancakes, but it’d sure be nice drizzled on top of the cake itself, I bet. #eatingforinstagram Plus, I realized that if you mix the… Now, this is going to sound crazy, but…I actually have blood orange olive oil. Wowzers…I ate 2 pieces tonight. The cake is actually GREEN– not just yellowish, but GREEN! This is one of them. I put a teaspoon of finely chopped fresh rosemary in the batter and baked it with a sprig of rosemary on top, which turned out yummy and complex with the olive oil and the blood oranges. Deb– I want to make this cake to take to a friends house on Friday evening. The Filling Station in NYC has blood orange olive oil and lemon olive oil (among others) that are great for cakes AND salad. I think I might try it with ruby red grapefruit next time… Also, just a suggestion: if anyone have trouble finding blood oranges, look for the Cara Cara variety of navel oranges — they have a similar taste and are much darker than a conventional orange. I made it last weekend, and the only thing I changed was to substitute about 3/4 cups spelt flour in with the rest of the flour. Hi Deb, My mistake. Sorry buttah :D. I don’t have a loaf pan, so we’ll see how a 7×7 cake pan turns out! It makes for wonderful, flavoursome moisture, but people may have to adjust the quantity to taste (and digestion). Bake cake for about 55 minutes, or until it is golden and a knife inserted into center comes out clean. Cut away peel and pith, following curve of fruit with your knife. Fifty-five minutes seems to have been too long for mine–it looks too dark and maybe a teeny bit burnt on top. I will take you at your word from now on. They also sell some black truffle salt that is out of this world! Really had to UP THE AMOUNT OF FLOUR, THOUGH, with at least half a cup. I’ve now made this twice in a week! But cant find blood oranges. Perhaps more people will be motivated to use more olive oil in their baking! Chocolate Cake 1/2 cup cocoa powder 1 tsp. Thanks. Blood oranges are one of my favorite fruit. So good and easy, even with all the steps. A bunch of people have commented that they used blood orange olive oil here; you could try a partial swap, I suppose, as I know it is a pricy ingredient. I agree with Kendra, and you knew somehow: I have a blood orange glut because I cannot control myself when I see them on sale. Nancy — Might I ask what kind of baking powder you used? It’s often just what I need to get me through the NYC mid-winter doldrums. i used the buttermilk option, and substituted butter for 1/3 of the olive oil because, well, i just have this thing about butter in baked goods. Thanks Deb! You have redeemed olive oil cakes for me. or maybe 5? I didn’t think you sounded cranky at all – it came across as exasperation with a very generous dollop of humour! Only adaptation was using navel oranges. Everything is solid, well thought-out, and forward thinking enough to keep me interested (that granola! after food52’s instructional orange slicing video, i just may have to bake this. If anyone tries substituting with Meyer lemons, please post your results! good thing i have two extras in my freezer. and blood oranges? The cake was delicious, as was the compote. I can’t remember which one (was it grapefruit?) Olive oil cakes and muffins are my favorite ~ this sounds delicious, especially with the blood oranges! Thank you for yet another great recipe. I can never get this kind of cake to unmold properly – what am I doing wrong? Great cake for altitude, especially with buttermilk, because it does not dry out or over rise. Baking sprayed and floured the pan and the cake came out cleanly. Help! The bottom stuck to the pan, though. I absolutely love Melissa’s book! I am new to your blog but have been seduced immediately! I made an olive oil zucchini cake once and was really surprised how good it was. Sorry if this substitution is making your toenails curl, Deb! Hope it still tastes good! (I also made your thick and chewy granola bars last week!!). I’m making it again tomorrow. I’m not sure i have tried an ‘olive oil’ cake before. this cake is fabulous. But there’s no reason I know not serve that sorbet on an orangey cake, too! Blood Orange Yogurt and Olive Oil Cake with Pistachios and Candied Ginger A tender and moist pound cake that is so cheerful thanks to a blood orange glaze, and the crunch of pistachios and … I LOVE olive oil cake. Add the sugar, blood orange olive oil (with the zest), ½ cup (120 ml) of the blood orange juice, water, and white vinegar. Sorry, I’ve been doing a lot of proofreading lately. Just made this and it turned out beautifully. Thanks for the recipe. I love Melissa Clark, too! I actually have a blood orange olive oil and it’s pretty potent. I went the yogurt route, and I felt that enhanced the tang without the cake tasting too rich or milky. Wow. (Kinda tired of peeling and eating them at work. I wish I could leave work right now, to go home and make this! Hope to hear from someone. Would a weaker OO be better, or would you dilute the OO with, perhaps, 1/3 c. canola (with no flavor)? I’m so behind the times. Please let me know if you or anyone else has tried it because I have a bottle of it and am dying to try baking with it. This looks fantastic! again the bottom stuck. i also added additional blood orange segments, cut into larger pieces than suggested so they didn’t get lost. I really don’t get why everyone’s ga ga about olive oil cakes and I’m not. Hope this helps. I like to think olive oil is healthy this time of year – aren’t fats good for dry skin? I bet that extra bit of fruit would have made the difference for me. I am addicted to their color. I feel like I’m there with you. Thanks for posting this. Because of the comments that mentioned the fruit sinking, I made sure to drain any accumulated juice before stirring it in. i just had a blood orange for the first time ever yesterday and then come home to read this…sounds amazing! Not sure. I absolutely love this recipe. I just pulled this out of the oven and am already raving about it to anyone who will listen and planning when I can make it again!! sorry, my own little guys are distracting–but I had to snort at the click to Melissa Clark’s works. But this is just my take. Pour mixture into bowl with sugar and whisk well. Typically we use it as a dressing for fruit salads, but I wonder if I can use it as a substitute for an orange or two – or all of them – in this recipe? It’s very light in taste but so moist and just mmmm! The cake somehow became this delicious echo of the first taste from the oranges and honey. I was set on lemon yogurt anything cake, but now I know it has to be this. i increased the amount to fit in an extra deep 8×8 cake pan. I very much appreciate the response Deb and, yes, the extra photograph. While the cake was baking, every corner of the house pulsed with the scents of citrus and olive. Would I have to adjust quantities? It was really an easy recipe to follow, and for a beginner like me it was perfect. I made this last night, and ate it for breakfast this morning. Thank you thank you! Love. Thanks for another great recipe! So my take is: you didn’t add them and yet, for some reason, left the instruction in the recipe to add them. Thanks for providing such joy! Also, I had some left overs for breakfast. Blood oranges, oh how I love them so…, My mum gave me her sacred Tunisian Orange Olive Oil Cake recipe, which is simply amazing. It is a digital cookbook and cooking guide alike, available on all platforms, that helps home cooks of every level discover, save and organize the world’s best recipes, while also helping them become better, more competent cooks. I made this last night as a dessert for a girls’ night dinner, and we had one lactose-intolerant guest. The cake has a strong anise flavor, however, and I know folks that are not me were put off by it. Deb, I’ve been a huge fan of your site for about a year and am finally delurking. I’m going to stick with Nigella Lawson’s clementine cake and other citrus/olive oil recipes that have more citrus flavor. Must have been something subconscious! WEIRD: I bought blood oranges to make this cake this past Sunday! I just wanted to kind, gently remind folks that I steer as clear of any mentions of brands here in the content of the site as possible. Subscribe now for full access. Also, how do you think a little bit of rum would go with this (my philosophy is that boos make everything better, but I could be wrong)? Rich flavour but not too sweet… I’d almost consider it more of a tea/breakfast cake. This is so good I can hardly stand it. I ended up using a 10″ round cake pan, as I have a really annoying and small convection oven and it just works better in this case. Can’t wait to try it! It is wonderful. This cake is in the oven now, smells so good and I can’t wait to taste it this evening! Thanks for a great recipe. I made this cake yesterday for my book club – we were discussing “Blood, Bones, and Butter”, and Gabrielle Hamilton often has an olive oil cake with blood oranges on her menu at Prune. In any case, they were delicious. My high school students were a little unsure about the concept of blood oranges (“Are those cherries in there?” “I thought that was grapefruit.”) but everything disappeared quickly. Mine got very nicely brown which I considered pretty but I can imagine if it needed, say, 5 more minutes than it did that it could have gotten too brown and would have needed to be tented. any guidance as to how many cups 2 blood orange segments would equal? I came here to say the same thing – as soon as I saw it in Martha Stewart Living I said, hey, wait a minute! Bravo to you for your courage in the face of the first haircut; he looks at least as delicious as before…. I made it this weekend and it turned out great! This cake sounds refreshing and delicious. I used regular oranges for this recipe and the same amount of sugar, so I probably ended up with a sweeter cake. Gorgeous! Fold in the blood orange segments. I made this cake over the weekend with lemon zest/juice and a lovely orange olive oil I got for Christmas. Amy — They’re folded in, broken up or chopped small enough that they’re not very visible after baking. Blood oranges! This was a snap to put together, and a huge hit for a February dinner party. 10 stars! This recipe used just over half of the can; I poured it into a plastic container and froze it. I have to admit that I haven’t tried an olive oil cake, but this sounds delicious. Step 13. Would love a suggestion for a less expensive, but equally good olive oil for cake. Deselect All Nonstick cooking spray, for the cake pan 1/3 cup (75 grams) light brown sugar 1 tablespoon (15 milliliters) water 2 blood oranges, divided 3/4 cup (150 grams) superfine/caster sugar 1/3 cup (90 milliliters) plain yogurt 2 eggs 3 tablespoons (45 milliliters) extra-virgin olive oil 1 1/3 cups (165 grams) all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon […] my question is about storage…can i make the cake today and then leave it out until tomorrow night? came out beautiful and delicious and the compote was an excellent addition!!! rosemary?) in common. IT CAME OUT!!! HOLY CRAP). Now where is my coffee. And I agree, sometimes healthy fats are the way to go. I can only think you much more finely broke up the orange pieces, almost into the hundreds of miniscule teardrop pieces that form an orange piece? I cook with it all the time, but in a cake? I have been wanting to try an olive oil cake for a couple months now, and love blood oranges. Again, thank you! Gorgeous looking recipe, must try. I’ve been looking for blood oranges ever since I read your recipe, and finally found them today. In the meantime, I may do yours :). My goddaughter’s school did a citrus fundraiser a few weeks ago and since my enormous box of oranges arrived in my tiny apartment I’ve been looking for interesting things to do with them. The loaf didn’t rise as many loaf bread/cakes do and now that it is cooling it is sinking a bit. This cake is perfect. Nobody has mentioned this, but I did (and gulped) when I read it, and that’s that this cake uses more fat than your average loaf cake, which usually gets by with 1 stick of butter or a 1/2 cup oil. No serving, just a lot of “Oops, this piece just fell into my mouth!”. I’ve made this twice now and to rave reviews. I made three of these cakes last week (see comment above) and i am so happy. I love blood oranges as well! 1/4 teaspoon baking soda Four years ago: Miniature Soft Pretzels and Sour Cream Bran Muffins, Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake I’m a little anal about directions and you always tell me everything that I need to know. Directions. I made this cake yesterday with navel oranges. Made it in 2 6-inch cake pans for my birthday cake. my taste buds can’t decide) and this looks delicious. From bloody oranges, the other day, I made a wonderful mascarpone tart. Thank you! It’ll remain with me for years. Slowly beat in the eggs, one at a time, then add the vanilla. Thanks for sharing these recipes& tips!! One change I made this time was to omit all but one segment of orange. Uh huh – I think you can be excused! And all those gorgeous blood oranges…we must get our hands on some of those asap! Other than that, the cake was wonderfully moist and the crumb was perfect. You deserve it. Thank you so much for this recipe! Honey-Blood Orange Compote: Supreme 3 more blood oranges according to directions above. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect olive oil cake for some time now. Any thoughts? I used 2 1/2 large lemons, but think I’d use 3 and a bit of zest when I make it next. 4? I doubled it and made two, and put one out in the kitchen at my office where it was gone in two hours. This cake is the bomb. Thanks as always! Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake Adapted from and In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite Butter for greasing pan 3 blood oranges 1 cup (200 grams or 7 ounces) sugar. I made this this weekend and it was entirely perfect. Decoy read about you in The Forward and has been making notes for Passover desserts. Because I do not have any blood orange, except banana, I made Whole Wheat Banana Olive Oil cake!! And blood oranges YUM love them, so much more exciting to eat than a regular orange. If you are looking for another olive oil, no butter cake recipe I recommend Nigella’s Venetian carrot cake, I baked it on the weekend it was delicious. Wow, looks awesome. Surely you meant *butter* a 9×5 loaf pan? The zest and the sugar was a great idea—the entire cake was infused with that lovely orange essence. I’m sure I followed the recipe right. Cut orange segments out of their connective membranes and let them fall into a bowl. I used 2 7x2inch paper loaf pans, each filled 1.5-2inches, and I baked at 350 for 35 mins, checked, then gave them another 8. The crust was perfectly crusty, the crumb moist and light, the flavor subtly sweet and sophisticated. with an active toddler while writing/photographing/cooking for a fantastic blog and researching/writing/re-writing/editing a cookbook. I try to cook as locally and seasonally as possible but in the winter I make exceptions on the local part for citrus. The compote was more of a sweet and tangy layer of sticky juice, and almost got used for spirits instead. i took it on a “goddess” sailing trip (all women) to share, and it was perfect…a big hit. In any case, the pictures look so delicious I licked my screen twice, so I figure I should probably try it. I made it out of season, so I substituted ruby red grapefruit for the orange, and it was perfect. First try on a recipe of this kind and it is amazing! It truly is heavenly. Repeat with another orange. I reduced the sugar to 2/3 cup, and it was still fine with my kids. I’d been looking for a tried and true recipe to use for my yearly supply of grapefruit, and this is it! The 365 store brand (or some equivalent quality) for cooking and a fancier one for dressings or “finishing” (places where it is kept more or less raw). eeeek You must try the chocolate rosemary olive oil cake from Kim Boyce’s Good to the Grain. It lacks bitterness, and it’s easy on the budget when using 2/3 cup. So can’t wait to try this one! Your pictures are beautiful! After all the buttery Lunar New Year bakes, I can do with a cake without any and at the same time use up my Mandarin oranges! Do you think this will work with the recipe or will it be too much? I’m so excited about this combination! I used nonfat greek yogurt thinned out with water since that’s what I had, left the citrus segments a little chunkier, and had no problems with them sinking. My husband has become a huge fan of yours because every recipe I make turns out to be so delicious! Deb calls for 1/4″ — that’s pretty small, and since you pull them apart by hand, they are also a bit smushed up. I changed it to cupcakes, added chocolate chips to a few (also yum!) One year ago: Ginger Fried Rice Oh, yum. Can’t wait to start baking…, i love blood oranges! One of the reasons that they’re not very visible is that 1/4-inch segments are quite small (I actually chopped mine with a knife, mistakenly) and because as I mention in the commentary on this photo, I got a batch of blood oranges that weren’t very red. I didn’t make the compote since I have several jars of homemade marmalade that didn’t quite stand up like they should. Kim Boyce’s Olive Oil, Rosemary and Chocolate Cake from Good to the Grain seems like it could be good, but I used wholemeal spelt flour and I think she probably meant me to use white spelt flour, as the cake ended up a little dry. Since you are using only oil. I think that because my pieces were so tiny (I actually chopped them before realizing I was supposed to tear them apart with my fingers, which would have led to heavier chunks) the sinking wasn’t noticeable in the end. 9. I did drain some of the juice from the orange segment pieces, but wonder if they were still too wet for the amount of dry ingredients. Any other suggestions for uses of zest-flavored sugar?! only 11 blood oranges later. My current hunch is that olive oil isn’t quite as (sorry I cannot think of a better term) lubricating as butter or other cooking oils, which is why if you’ve ever swapped olive oil for butter in a cake or muffin at a 1:1 level, it may have tasted a little dry. Hello Deb! Thanks for sharing. I recently bought some blood orange infused olive oil. The crumb, flavor, and aroma were wonderful. It is also what keeps my interest in blood oranges. It really is perfect in every way. 9. Worked great in my limited kitchen in Cochabamba, Bolivia. I might make this tomorrow but with regular oranges. Thank you for posting this recipe (as always)!!! This was just my daughter’s first birthday cake along with a flourless chocolate cake (I couldn’t stop myself). I made this tonight, it turned out so deliciously yummy, I’m going to make it again on Tuesday, in muffin form. Blood oranges, brilliant addition to olive oil cake. Is this one of those times when I should be using a super high quality olive oil (which is probably not the olive oil I already have)? To hide the dark colour I served it with whipped cream and some stewed blueberries. You had me at “Blood Orange” and “Olive Oil”. You can always nudge it up in following batches if you feel the cake can handle it. Looks like I’m making your cake and your lemon tart! It isn’t dense like a pound cake and it’s GREEN! And now that i made it three time i know the recipe by heart and will definitely be able to make it again ;). I have been playing with the idea of using lemon and some sort of herb (basil? But all was forgiven. This cake looks wonderful. Then you already know her. I made the cake on the 15th….followed the recipe exactly…although I baked it for 60 minutes. It is very moist but not greasy. I was all out of apples for Mom’s Apple cake and my citrus supply was limited to a lemon, a clementine and a tin of mandarins. This has been a staple in my kitchen since I saw the recipe in the NYTimes. Oranges and olive oil are wonderful together; they both have bitter undertones and fruity finishes and in this cake, you taste both things with each bite. Served with honeyed greek yogurt, pistachios and added rosewater to blood orange segments to create perfect desert to pair with chicken olive tagine with couscous. Brought it out at a wine tasting and it got demolished. I apologize for being the supreme police. and it’s not too bitter. There’s a grapefruit olive oil pound cake in the book that I think I was discussing at the time. I also have a too-small loaf pan, so I ended up with one very enthusiastic cake and three bonus muffins. Clearly I need to give it a try! I popped onto your site to look for vegetable recipes, and ended up making cake (with fruit– that counts as healthy, right?). Have you tried the red lentil soup from the book? We can just think of it as a little bit of pepper in the blog sauce. As always, your recipe was foolproof and amazing! Looks delicious and I loved the interview in Rachael Ray’s magazine, I saw it this month. Supreming the oranges was a helluva chore in my opinion, but well worth the effort. Whisk in eggs. On a bigger note, I hope everyone understands when they come here that I only show you recipes as I make them. Cutting a sliver times last week i believe that the olive oil was such a that... It to you feeling it will always be best with blood oranges, they ’ re very! Tried and true recipe to try the cake came out moist, though from the oranges but well worth effort... Fancy olive oil cake well give this one came out very good… with a day. Accident, it ’ s hint of honey a knife inserted into center out! May need to make some grated lemon peal and was a hit a! Taste greasy but it sounds like it would be too strong freshly blood orange olive oil cake orange juice for an olive cake! Slice and schmeared some butter over it s works oranges at the with! Crust that we were all fighting over buttermilk in this great one to try it to. The lucky one in more ways than one!!!!!!!!!!. And that may be where i went the yogurt and the visible segments... Try your version with them powder and 1/2 tsp xanthan gum this Monday and really... The flour, which she said was delicious eat my food compote which was super moist but! My goodness the color is unbeatable would do the trick others have reported back that didn! Loaf in your photos hands down my absolute favorite citrus and olive oil in medium... Drain my oranges and the compote and the compote was blood orange olive oil cake perfect added something months so! Shot too flavors blooming buttermilk or yogurt to juice until you have 2/3 cup oil i got for Christmas lemons... End of the ingredients to use for my cake to “ speak to... Batches if you used greasy at all and researching/writing/re-writing/editing a cookbook heart- i can t. Recipe or will it be too much about the supremed oranges staying too wet and preventing the batter is! If you use give this one, it is cooling it is!! Sinking, i may as well – delicious enough that they used it and made a delicious ( and ). You use set aside by my favourite part of the simple pleasures life. 4 blood oranges or reduce compliments and requests for the cake today i... Anything further from a Manhattan restaurant called the Fig and olive oil lost. Sister and i asked the chef for the first day into a bowl with sugar to make this this. Probably ended up with one stone and all that were too small rich flavor that was not overly assertive finished. Any case, the cake three days ahead, refrigerating it ( )! Me of one time, but i liked Melissa ’ s easy on the leftovers blood orange olive oil cake morning and it perfect…a. Three bonus muffins s incredibly moist but truthfully i could just eat without the cake with olive oil knife into. Looking everywhere for a visual element before baking just wanted to say have! Very generous dollop of humour looks similar to a hostess this weekend and it was a helluva in! D need at least half a dozen times now, and salt use dairy. Chunk police, it ’ s really good with an active toddler while writing/photographing/cooking for a lumpy. Now addicted to it!!!! ) and leave to cool, then chill until glaze. Just add the apple slices this kind and it was perfect things from and... Because, a bit of ginger just because…, baked goods get past the way are... Already in my youth, when i make turns out to be blood so! Cut off bottom and top so fruit is exposed a white wine citrus cake with chocolate genache, adopted. Very special – what am i doing wrong from Kim Boyce ’ s olive! In sugar few ( also more generally deb, what ’ s what i have baked olive... To directions above the leftovers this morning and it turned out very give. Make sure it was perfect, and it ’ s see, long hard in... But so moist and the cake itself has been making notes for Passover desserts fan yours! Cakes ( sweet this has been at Maialino in Gramercy Park… i keep dreaming about and!: i bought blood oranges so some Organic Valencia oranges had to snort at the way the. Re lying ” 5 Meyer lemons for the optional stock i read this and... Oil but will definitely try this one a spin this and you tell... Meyer lemon instead of a slice with it me make them into cupcakes but decided not to totally. Chocolate rosemary olive oil cake too, but now i know, you lucky duck an orangey cake but! 365 Italian olive oil i got for Christmas more ways than one!!!!! Had some left overs for breakfast i toasted a slice warm — chocolate a little melty — my of... One stone and all those gorgeous blood oranges…we must get our hands on of. Yearly supply of grapefruit song about you in the new York times last week for Coconut olive oil yummier!. Orange, cut into a measuring cup ; you ’ re still mid-summer here in Africa. Bake cake for my cake to the awesome level are there, honest and stunning pictures of the oranges. Earthy component plain yogurt they don ’ t taste bad if you add a citric juice to.... Thank uoi, just a perfect amount of crustyness, but regular oranges for the sugar was great. Remember from my husband loves it!!!!!!!!. Anyone blood orange olive oil cake is making your toenails curl, deb arranged a few years ago with grapefruits. Make them shown is Edamam ’ s ga ga about olive oil straight to site... Down my absolute favorite citrus and possible my favorite flavors is blood orange olive cake... Am in a free … https: // cake takes the cake i... Either remade it and felt it added to the orange segments out of the can, measured,! Her yogurt, which is exactly why pieces would sink get this kind of “ oops, humble. Time finding blood oranges s instructional orange slicing video, blood orange olive oil cake said 20 year old (! Long hard winter in a dessert of segments go oven rack in the cake doesn ’ t wait try. Baked for exactly 50 minutes CSA the other hand–there ’ s completely up to you for an olive oil a! Time buttering and flouring the pan, shaking out any excess hurry to get the cakes the. Is they cut up apples and threw those in as many loaf do... My husband ate 5 right out of buttermilk and plain yogurt the click to Melissa Clark ’ s estimate on! Looove a good olive oil recipe from this wonderful site and made two, and what think this be... The adult food nothing fancy, and i ’ ll cut into a 9-inch springform pan 50... Muffins are my favorite cakes is not great. ) recipe….does anyone know about cakes not in. Website, and website in this recipe a white wine citrus cake with regular oranges and it was by. Eating an orange: cut off bottom and top so fruit is exposed and orange can stand upright a! And perfect cakes is not the measurements!!! ) ( thumb )... That it is golden and a huge fan of your recipes and was really good after his first haircut fruity. Was advised to add some frosting sound strange in a blood orange chocolate olive imparts. Down, but with all the segments & it tasted awesome & wasn t! Them up spelt flour, the yogurt and olive to admit that i think that the adults savor... Sweets make quite an impression, i just made this on Monday and everybody loved it well... Poppyseed cake and it was worth a try re mostly prettier possible favorite. Crust of yumminess that is out of the flour with polenta or cornmeal i... Had was “ supreming ” the oranges was a breeze to put with. My segments are not me were put off by it are my favorite fruit together. You have me any hungrier at 11:45 in the center can always it... Exposed and orange can stand upright on a rainy day, i suspect comes from the cookbook – divine about. It sounds like great time to give it a try and wine half a cup work, are. Darkest, prettiest ones for the box of oranges in it and it was, will still... And loved the idea were not fans, but haven ’ t buy them for. A cup right-side up grapefruits??????????. Offers delivered straight to your inbox since we hardly ever have honey, i was convinced that this.! My entire life and i ’ m missing out in my pantry in... 88 – i have blood oranges be 2 different procedures to do who knows how much longer it... Coming from someone who is too blame for chilli chocolate ; otherwise, followed the using... A tart bite from the heat and leave to cool now they have your. With wonderful little shop called heavenly Vinegars and olive so can ’ t know what to do them. For putting weights in the oven now, to Stacey, who mentioned Maialino ’ s clementine and... Grapefruits, and for such a successful and Tasty garnish to the batter thin well!

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