Common questions Superior Guitar Works often receive are below. The most common questions regard either how much does our services cost or if we can do certain repairs or restorations. The easiest way we can address cost is by first stating we are not a local guitar repair shop. Our customers are located across the globe and often ship their fine, vintage fret instruments into our studio and are willing to wait until we can completely restore their vintage guitar or vintage fretted instrument to original factory condition or preserve the patina of the instrument or complete a museum quality restoration. Another common question is if we can do a certain repair, build custom, restore or refinish a guitar or fretted instrument that is not reflected on our web site. Yes, we can do anything necessary to repair any guitar or fretted instrument.

  • How do we create estimates for vintage guitar restorations and guitar repairs?

    The shortest answer is we often do not immediately provide “estimates” for vintage guitar restorations. Because Superior Guitar Works receives almost exclusively vintage fret and guitar instruments, which arrive in various states of condition, no two projects are alike. The process in a way is similar to a frame off car restoration. Until you dismantle and begin to reassemble the complete car you really cannot determine the full extent of the restoration cost. Each instrument requires its own unique procedure and process to dismantle, evaluate, and restore. Many times we create custom pieces to replace those which were on the instrument and damaged beyond repair. At some point during the restoration process, we will provide a price range of estimated costs but often times only until we complete the entire restoration are final costs determined.
  • Can you repair water, fire, or structurally damaged instruments?

    Yes, often times we can. However, there is a point when an instrument is so damaged it is not repairable to its original factory condition.
  • Do we only work on vintage fretted instruments such as guitars?

    No, we can work on any fretted instrument and repair almost guitar (acoustic, bass and electric). However, our studio specializes in vintage fretted instrument repairs and guitar restorations, which are restored to museum quality. Many of our customers only allow our studio to work on their instrument.
  • How do I pack and ship my instrument to Superior Guitar Works?

    Do not use shipping peanuts. Use bubble wrapping to wrap your instrument and fill any voids within your case. Then if needed wrap your case in bubble wrap and insert into a cardboard box or wooden crate. Better yet, take your instrument to a professional like FedEx or a crating company for wrapping, packing, and shipping. Please insure your instrument before shipping.
  • How is payment made?

    For most of the vintage guitar restorations and guitar repairs, we require a deposit. Once the instrument is dismantled and we begin to determine a price range estimate we will notify you for a second deposit payment. Once your instrument is completed, final payment is made. We accept checks, MasterCard and Visa for payment.
  • Is each instrument we repair and restore very expensive?

    No, the instrument value does not determine whether an owner wishes to have their instrument restored. Very often, the instrument has become a family heirloom and the new owner wishes the instrument restored to its factory condition so it can continue to be enjoyed and treasured by the family for generations to come.
  • How long does a complete fret restoration take?

    This really depends on the extent of the restoration needed. Many vintage instruments can take 8-12 months for a complete museum quality restoration. Once received and evaluated we can provide a general timeline.
  • Can you drop off your instrument at our studio?

    Yes, of course you can drop off your instruments to our studio. We have customers fly in from all over the world to drop off their instruments. We are not easily found (on purpose for security) and our studio is not fancy but, we sure do produce world class results.